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           Day 1 Route Gadget, Day 2 Route Gadget, and The Maze Route Gadget

           Pictures by Michal Lebl

Anza Borrego Desert O-fest, January 17 & 18, 2009:
Once again the Anza Borrego Orienteering fest was very well attended. 
Although we only hosted a two day meet, we had plenty of orienteerers from 
a variety of clubs from all around CA, AZ and beyond. We also had plenty of 
scout groups and military groups.
This year the weather was warm and not so windy as in the past (min. temp. 44 F, 
max. temp. 79 F,  average humidity 28%, and wind speed below 8 mph) so it was 
ideal weather for our event. It seems there weren't too many cactus bites…
A special thanks goes to all the volunteers who helped make this event go 

Following individuals helped in these positions:

Course setters: – Donna & Edwin Gookin for day one, Jeff & Nancy Coker for the 
                 Maze-O and Jan Urban for day two.
Start: Mark Parsons, David Irwing, Karen Denis and Mark Polinkovsky
Registration: Michal & Polly Lebl, Ludwig Hill
Pre-registrations and Pay Pal: Veronica Williams
Finish and download: Stan Watson, Karin Gookin Didisse, and Jan Urban
Control pick up: – Donna and Edwin Gookin, Veronica & Josh Williams, Mark Parsons, 
Mark Polinkovsky, Don Renfro, Kristaps Jaudzems, Michael Huber, Beth Holmberg, 
Sarah Elkind, Ludwig Hill, Jeff and Nancy Coker, and Kelly Wells.
Refreshments: Veronica Williams, and Bill Gookin for Vitalyte.
Awards: Michal Lebl made a great pictures to use for our awards this year.

I hope I did not forget anybody, and if I did, please accept my sincere apology.

I also would like to thank everybody for keeping things running fast and 
efficient. We  packed and cleaned everything (including two controls left from 
previous years ;-) )and were out of desert at 3 PM.