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Pictures by Jeff and Nancy Coker      

Orienteering Event at Painted Gorge, Ocotillo, CA

28 February 2009 :
What a beautiful day for orienteering in the desert!  Springtime in the desert 
is not always filled with color, but this year it sure has been, and those 
orienteers who made the trip out to Painted Gorge were treated to both a 
colorful and fun day of orienteering. 

The day started off with temperatures in the low 60s but by afternoon they were 
in the low 80s, which made the water controls a blessing for some of the late 
starters.  18 individual competitors and 7 groups/families took part in the 
event, including a couple on vacation from Italy/Netherlands and a few people 
that were trying orienteering for the first time.  The Painted Gorge map is a 
great map to test your skills at reading contour lines, as there are almost no 
trails or roads on the map, and the only vegetation that is mapped are the 
individual ocotillo cactus.  I think everyone who ran got a good lesson in 
reading contours and the importance of keeping your map oriented correctly.  
Several orienteers found out how hard it is to relocate on this map once you get 
off course, but in the end everyone made it back to the finish. Another comment 
heard after the event was how much climb there was on the courses.  Although 
none of the hills on the map are that tall, climbing in and out of numerous 
re-entrants can took a toll depending on your route choice. 

Kristaps Jaudzems had the fastest time on the long course and Katia Bertoldi 
(visiting from the Netherlands) had the fastest time on the medium course.  
Matthew Garratt had a great run on the short course, running so fast he said he 
didnít have time to stop and smell the desert lilies! 

Big thanks to Edwin and Donna Gookin for bringing the watermelon (what a perfect 
snack after a hard run in the desert), to Matthew and Tony Garratt for helping 
with control pick-up, and to Jan Urban for bringing all the computer gear 
necessary to run the e-punch, and helping with the registration and finish.  
Pre-registration was a big help in planning the number of maps to print, so 
thanks to all those who pre-registered and pre-paid using Paypal, and to 
Veronica Williams for managing it all on-line. 

One final note, after cutting up the watermelon rinds to feed to our worms in 
the composter, and recycling the paper cups, we ended up with a half a plastic 
shopping bag full of garbage, not bad!  Thanks for packing it in and packing it 

Meet Directors,

Jeff and Nancy Coker 

Event volunteers **:

Pre-registration and Paypal:  Veronica Williams

Registration: Jeff Coker and Jan Urban

Start: Nancy Coker

Finish and Download:  Jan Urban

Refreshments:  Edwin and Donna Gookin

Control pickup: Matthew and Tony Garratt, Jeff and Nancy Coker 

Electronic punching: Jan Urban

Course design & setting: Jeff and Nancy Coker