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Wooded Hill Wild Orienteering, Mount Laguna

29th September 2012

Event information
Come join us for a fantastic few Wild hours at beautiful Mt Laguna, walking or running to find elusive "controls".

Orienteering is the sport of navigation with map and compass. It's easy to learn, yet always challenging. The object is to run or walk to a series of points shown on the map, choosing routes - both on and off trails - to find all the points and get back to the finish in the shortest amount of time. The points on the course are marked with orange/white flags, called "controls".

Orienteering is enjoyed by a wide range of people - hikers, kids, mountaineers, runners, scouts, family groups - anyone interested in fitness, the outdoors, and a mental and physical challenge. Every orienteering meet offers a choice of courses that vary in length and difficulty, from easy trail walks, to strenuous runs with plenty of off-trail navigation required.

The beauty of this event, unlike many other running or adventure races, is that everyone can complete at their own level since we are offering 7 different courses of varying difficulty and length (from around 2km up to 10km, though the actual length can be more much depending on route choices and map skills). The easiest - the "White course" is suitable for children and families or those with little or no orienteering experience. The hardest - the "Blue course" is for those with substantial experience and requires expert map finding abilities. If time allows, there is no reason why you cannot do an easy course and if you complete that quickly, try a harder course on the day.

We will be using "e-sticks" at this event, which you can rent from us for $3 if you do not have one, and are used to electronically "punch" at each control and this gives you detailed information in the Results on how long it took you to go from one control to the next. After the event you will be able to plot your exact route using "Routegadget" so you can compare your strategy and progress along the course with other competitors. A perfect combination of the Outdoors and technology!!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us (see our Contact Us page). We will also be available on race day to help you with instruction.

Course Setters
Jesse Robie and Liv Klemtsauna; Consultant: Bill Gookin

Meet Director
Tad Gallistel

Meet Center
Wooded Hill campground parking area.

Course Statistics
COURSE distance climb #controls
White 2.1 km 50 m 13
Yellow 2.3 km 90 m 10
Orange 3.3 km 115 m 9
Brown 2.9 km 125 m 9
Green 4.6 km 164 m 9
Red 6.1 km 240 m 11
Blue 7.9 km 340 m 13

Red and Blue Course maps will be 1:15,000 scale and all other maps will be 1:10,000 scale. Control Descriptions will be printed on the front of the map: White and Yellow Control Descriptions are in Text; Orange has IOF Symbols on the front of the map and Text Descriptions on the back of the map, and all Advanced Courses have IOF Control Descriptions. Youngsters who have gone on the String-O are eligible to go on the White Course with some assistance from an accompanying adult. See more information at the "Little Troll" table at the meet.. See more information at the "Little Troll" table at the meet.

Online registration here Participants whose registration forms are received and course designated by Wednesday, September 26, will have their maps reserved for them at the Start. Later registrants may have to wait while a map is printed for them. Are you available Friday and want to run your course FREE? Help with setting controls and water on the course: contact Bill Gookin at 619-992-9456!

Contact Tad to help at the meet: registration, set up, Start & Finish, results posting and control pick-up (619-787-7311 or
Bring picnic items and relax and compare courses … we’ll bring watermelon!!!

9:30am Registration opens
10:00am First Start
12:00pm Last Start
1:00pm Time limit for all orienteers; Start control pick-up

East on I-8 one mile past the Pine Valley exit, go North on the Sunrise Highway (S-1) about 9 miles to the Wooded Hill and Morris Ranch junction. Go left toward Wooded Hill ˝ mile past the campground to the parking area on the right.
As the parking area fills, park on the left side of the road to leave a fire lane open.

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