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Type of Events
  • Point-to-Point
    The standard format, used for most meets and all formal competitions. Competitors find several control locations in a specified order. The winner is the person with the fatest time.
  • Score-O
    Competitors visit as many controls as they can, in any order, within a specified time limit. The controls are worth points, sometimes different amounts based on difficulty. There are usually penalty (minus) points for each minute you finish over the time limit. The winner is the person with the most points; scoring ties are broken by the fastest time.
  • Goat
    A long-distance endurance event similar to point-to-point courses. It usually has a mass start and often includes special rules such as permission to skip a control.
  • Memory-O
    Similar to point-to-point orienteering, except that competitors are not allowed to carry a map. They must memorize the course, either in whole or in part. Sometimes there is only one map at the start; sometimes there are maps at one or more controls.
  • Motala
    Similar to point-to-point orienteering, except that competitors come back through the start/finish doing several short loops to create a long course. Often used on a small map to create a longer course. Named after the city of Motala, Sweden.
  • Rogaine
    A really long Score-O, with time limits of 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours, generally using really large maps. The acronym "rogaine" was invented in the 1970s from Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance, or from a combination of the inventor's names (ROd, GAIl, and NEil), depending on who you ask.
  • Trail-O
    Trail orienteering was developed to give those with limited mobility - folks in wheelchairs, with arthritis, etc. - a chance to enjoy the map-reading aspects of orienteering. No athletic ability is required, and speed is not an element of competition. Instead, you must accurately identify, from a distance, which of several control flags precisely matches each circled spot on the map. It's not as easy as it sounds! For a more detailed description, see Trail-O.
  • String-O

  • Mountain Bike-O
    Orienteering on mountain bikes is an endurance sport attracting both orienteering and mountain bike enthusiasts. It's the newest of the orienteering disciplines. For more detailed description, see Mountain Bike-O.
  • Ski-O
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